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Lana has helped me see things from perspectives I never thought possible. She has done more than helped me with the challenges in my life. (By, J.C.)
I initially sought treatment from Lana Amawi because of many years struggling with a food and weight problem. She was recommended to me by another clinician I went to see for the same issues. Never really talking about these problems before, I was not sure what to expect. From the moment you walk in the relaxing office and meet Lana you are put at ease. She has helped me uncover and find solutions to much more than what I initially came to see her about. Lana's knowledge, cultural background and experience have helped me to relax, stop worrying unnecessarily, and get control over the things that I can affect. We are getting to the root of what has caused me to turn to food for comfort. Lana is very caring, easy to talk to, and is great at what she does. I would recommend her very highly. (By, C.J.)
I have been a client of Lana's for 2 and 1/2 years, as I have been struggling with a multitude of issues ranging from personal relationship to work and alcohol addiction. I had seen therapists over the years for depression and PTSD. A co-worker told me about her and that she was great. I can honestly say that I am not the same person that walked through her door for the first time. I have a much better sense of self, I have tools for problem solving, I have learned to be assertive and now speak up for myself. My depression has improved greatly. I am so glad that she has been in my life. (By, J.J.)
I have been searching for answers to problems associated with marriage, social anxiety, and depression for over 20 years. When my last therapist announced retirement I had to find someone else. Exasperated, I asked my doctor for a recommendation and he gave me Lana's name. I made the appointment and within the first three visits I knew I had finally started to learn to implement new direct, assertive approaches to my issues. Twenty some years and many different therapists! I only wish I could have had Lana in my life way back then. I am currently involved in group meetings and I love it. It is hard to put into words how much I look forward to group discussions and visits with Lana. It truly makes me feel good! Lana is very comfortable, knowledgeable, efficient, helpful....a lifesaver! (By, M.M.)
Lana really makes you feel comfortable to be able to really open up to her. She gives excellent guidance and truly helps the mind, body, and spirit! (By, B.B.)
I am 33 yrs old and after finishing graduate school I realized (believe it or not) that life is hard. There are so many issues to deal with between work, family, friendships and relationships. A few years ago, I decided it would be a good idea for me to see a neutral third party. I went to a few psychiatrists/psychologists/counselors but the one person that I felt most comfortable with is Lana. She understands not only my culture but the curve balls that life throws at you. She encourages me to stay strong while teaching me the tools to deal with life’s complexities and for that I am thankful. (By, N.T.)
I have been a patient of Lana's for a couple of years. I had undergone a major tragic life event, one which turned my entire life upside down and left me with a feeling of extreme anger, high anxiety and an overall feeling of worthlessness. Before I met Lana, I was a bit skeptical about how she could help me. It took some convincing by a friend of mine, a patient of Lana’s, who recommended her and motivated me to go see her and thankfully for myself I did! Lana helped me greatly through this overwhelming ordeal; she both guided and strengthened me, giving me control back over my life. She coached me and gave me the tools I needed to cope with the past, and the skills to move forward onto the future. I am now at a much better place both mentally and physically thanks to Lana. She truly is a miraculous healer. (By, M.D.)