Psychological Counseling Solutions - Looking for answers, come find the solutions!
dba SYNERGY SOLUTIONS is my coaching and consultation business. I have met many people during the last ten years that did not meet the criteria for a mental health disorder or condition. However, they were still seeking support, guidance, goal planning, and improved performance whether in their personal or professional life. Coaching and consultation gives me the ability to work in-person, phone, video, and/or text. In-person meetings can be in my office, your school, hospital, library or even your favorite coffee shop/restaurant. 
The medical field is very near and dear to me as it's part of my family and professional training. The concept was my recent brainchild for all medical, nursing, dental students, social work, residents, fellows and staff. I completely understand the mental,  physical and emotional toll that these specialties takes on a person, relationship, family and community.  Let the Synergy Solutions be part of your prescription to success!