Psychological Counseling Solutions - Looking for answers, come find the solutions!
Let's talk about Coaching & Consultations Solutions. I have met many people during the last ten years that did not meet the criteria for a mental health disorder or condition. However, they were still seeking support, guidance, goal planning, and improved performance whether in their personal or professional life. Coaching gives us the ability to work in-person, phone, or video. In-person meetings can be in my office, your school, hospital, library or even your favorite coffee shop/restaurant. This service is not considered a medical service, therefore no diagnosis or treatment plan will be associated. However, what will be included is a comprehensive assessment and plan of what you hope to accomplish or maintain during our time together. Even if unsure of your direction, coaching can definitely assess your eventual big picture. Coaching clients range from students to executive professionals. 

The following are current programs being offered:
COACH PRN - all medical, nursing, dental, social work, students, residents, fellows and executive staff.  
COACH 4 Clinicians - mental health professionals.
COACH 4 BIZ - business owners and entrepreneurs.
COACH 4 LIFE is coaching for those seeking more direction to help accomplish life goals. These can be, but not limited to, career, health & wellness, relationships, assertiveness, self-confidence & self-esteem.